Self Publishing per Libri di Business – Conviene oppure no?

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If you are thinking of self-publishing your book, read this article first!

You will find out why it might not be the right solution for you, and even be counterproductive for your business!

Whatever the reason why you chose to publish your book, you surely must have wondered which method to use, and you must have heard of self-publishing.

You also probably thought of it as an innovative and winning solution. On the other hand, it is certainly the fastest way to reach your goal.

But what is it exactly? And above all, is it the right choice for you?

Self-publishing means publishing by yourself. Mainly it involves the possibility to publish your book completely independently, using a digital platform.

Right now, the "digital spaces" dedicated to this operation are a lot, and they have created a real publishing market that is parallel to the traditional one, so much so that today the author can choose between two alternative ways, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Self-publishing has literally grown at an exponential rate in recent years. The proportion of independently published books continues to increase. And this process has done nothing but grow more and more, mainly thanks to the spread of the e-book market, which has reached a number almost equal to that of paper books.

Even traditional publishers now look with interest to this world, to find new authors and new literary trends that can be followed more institutionally. And on the other hand, the traditional publishing of an author who is already self-published is becoming a fairly frequent phenomenon.

In short, it is a truly growing market.

And undoubtedly the merits of self-publishing are certainly many.

  1. 1. Print on Demand guarantees to always have your publication under control: read our article to learn more.

  2. 2. The publication speed which is typical of this method completely eliminates publishers’ long waits.

  3. 3. You can keep all copyrights and thus have the possibility to earn more.

  4. 4. You can keep direct contact with all your readers, without any contract that determines in which form they should take place.

  5. 5. You have complete creative and decision-making freedom regarding your book.

All of this is true, and it is definitely important. These are fundamental advantages, which should be automatically accessible to all authors, and it is precisely for this reason that self-publishing has collected so many successes to date.

And yet, as self-publishing has taken on the characteristics of a kind of refuge for any author who wants to burn the stages and succeed in publishing only with a few clicks, unfortunately, this model is not all sunshine and rainbows, and might not be the definitive solution you were looking for as for publishing your book.

Here are all the disadvantages.

  1. 1. Status and reputation

Potentially anyone could choose self-publishing, and that is a problem. As much as publishing a good and successful book is not within everyone's reach, self-publishing has made something that until recently was being closely controlled easily accessible. This means that many will consider a book less valid simply because the cover does not bear the name of a well-known publisher.

This is in fact a problem from the status and reputation point of view: publishing a book through a publishing house is a guarantee that cannot easily be replicated.

  1. 2. Exclusion

Directly from the previous point, we come to a second disadvantage: traditional publishing is, all in all, an elite, and therefore a self-published author could be excluded a priori.

This is not simply damaging to personal pride: the book may indeed have limitations in its distribution or promotion simply because it is self-published.

There will therefore be places that will not be accessible, such as many bookshops, and some opportunities that will have to be given up, such as editorial series, or presentations by important people, or even literary awards.

Of course, all this is not guaranteed even with a publishing house, which still reserves a good part of its commitment to authors who are already famous: and yet it is completely impossible with self-publishing.

  1. Costs

Uploading the book to a self-publishing platform is free, that is true. And yet, self-publishing involves a whole range of ancillary costs that would normally support the publisher.

You have to hire a proofreader and an editor to correct the book, a layout artist who knows how to create the graphic appearance of the book and especially who knows how to produce a pleasant format of reading, a graphic that creates an attractive and innovative cover, and maybe even a consultant regarding search engine positioning and marketing or social campaign.

All these expenses are entirely charged to the author, with the addition of any distribution and promotion costs. In short, self-publishing actually requires some investment.

  1. Skills

And here we are with the next point: skills.

A single individual will never be able to fill all the roles we have just listed. Even if there was a person capable of doing all this, it would certainly be an exception rather than the rule. And yet, with self-publishing you are totally alone with yourself.

Your book may not qualitatively emerge as it would if it were edited by the right people, and therefore may not achieve the same public success. In the end, self-publishing a book is certainly not a job for amateurs, and the author could find it out at his own expense.

In short, it would seem that self-publishing is not an optimal solution at all.

What if there was a road that allows to maintain all the advantages of self-publishing while eliminating its defects?

We at PentAgency are offering just that, and in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

PentAgency gives you the chance to take advantage of the typical Print on Demand dynamic that is part of self-publishing while still gaining the support of a team of experts who will follow you every step of the way. By working side by side, listening to you, and respecting your standards, we can help you publish in complete safety and tranquility (as a publishing house would do) while leaving you all the freedom to decide on your book and all the gains that will result from it.

This way, you can not only create a quality product, giving value to the identity of your brand,, but you can also follow the perfect marketing strategy for you and your audience, reach as many potential customers as possible and achieve a proper positioning until you climb the Amazon charts and create a real bestseller..

In short, PentAgency can offer you the best of both worlds!

Are you curious to know all the advantages of this 2.0 publishing?

Keep following us to get more information about the publishing world, book your free call with a member of our team and become the author of a bestseller now!

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