PentAgency Revolutionizes Traditional Publishing and Creates Publishing 2.0

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If you are reading this article, it means that you too understand how a good perfect marketing strategy is essential to succeed in positioning and selling a product.

Whether you are looking for professional growth or a great success, publishing a book and making it a bestseller is the right choice: by winning over a reader you can also win over a new customer; by building trust you will also create a following. You will thus have a position of advantage over the large number of competitors that surround you. And let's face it: being the author of a bestseller is definitely a respectable title.

Maybe you already tried, and things did not go very well. Maybe you have never dared to go on this adventure. Maybe in the past, you had to overcome several difficulties and now you do not have the will and energy to try again.

All of this ends today.

Thanks to the work of a team of professionals specialized in strategic publications and marketing, you can finally enter the Olympus of bestselling writers, and position yourself in a winning way.

Just for this reason, for people like you, we created PentAgency.

PentAgency is the perfect reality for anyone who wants to create, publish and market professional books that can climb the Amazon charts.

A team of publication experts will follow you minute by minute throughout the publication process.

Whether you have already written your book or do not know where to start, our main goal will be to offer you the opportunity to publish your business book in the best way possible.

We are driven by passion and reliabilitythanks to which we work every day side by side with our customers, always available to listen and meet the expectations and standards of our clients.

We are driven by the fact that every member of our team can claim hundreds of publications on digital platforms around the world and every professional who collaborates with us is highly qualified in its field.

We are driven by our skills, which have been demonstrated by the hundreds of satisfied customers that we have accumulated during our business and that can testify in our favour.

Why should you choose us, though, and not a traditional publisher?

Because, thanks to us, you can enjoy five fundamental advantages:

  1. Constant support: you will receive constant communications regarding the different stages of book creation, from the writing of the manuscript to the market launch.

  2. Higher earnings: the royalties generated by the book will be entirely yours, without having to give us or anyone on the team a percentage of the profits earned.

  3. Quick Publicationyour book will be published within 30 days from the end of the manuscript writing, and you will say stop to the endless waiting that is typical of the publishing market.

  4. Flexibility: not only will you have all the rights to your work, but you will also have total control over any changes or additions to the manuscript.

  5. Success: thanks to our perfect positioning and a useful strategy to create a strong identity for your brand, you will become a bestselling author.

In short, everything that a publisher or traditional self-publishing cannot guarantee, including total freedom. And you can achieve all this simply by following the guidelines of our team.

PentAgency will take care of three key aspects of your book:

  1. Quality. Our main goal is to create a product of the highest quality, from A to Z. We will create the manuscript, the cover, the formatting, the description and the launch of your bestseller. All this will be designed specifically to enhance the identity of your brand.

  2. Marketing. Once the book is ready, there is nothing left to do but to launch it on the market, and the best way to do it is to use a good marketing strategy. Who is the book for? What is its purpose? The answer to these simple questions will allow us to create a line of action tailored to you, to reach as many potential customers as possible.

  3. Positioning. Even the best book in the world may not be able to become a bestseller on Amazon without proper positioning. In this case, too, our strategy will allow your book to meet the required standards to earn that coveted title.

And it does not end there!

Through this blog, we will provide you with free in-depth information about the world of marketing and publishing. We will discuss topics such as personal branding, the importance of a good title and much more.

Are you curious? Would you like to know more about this intricate but very interesting world? Do you also want to become the author of a bestseller?

Then keep reading us, keep up to date on all the latest news, and especially contact us!

Book your free call with a member of our team right now!

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