Mr. Real Estate in Dubai - by the Bestselling Author Salvatore Leggiero

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Would you like to discover all the secrets of the Dubai real estate market? 

If your answer is yes, we have the perfect advice for you.

PentAgency just published the latest book by Salvatore Leggiero,"Mr Real Estate in Dubai: why invest in real estate in the city of the future",a book that will be able to answer all your questions.

Starting from the first one, the simplest: who is Salvatore Leggiero?

Salvatore is a real magician of the entrepreneurial world, and over the years he has dedicated himself to the most diverse activities, from radio to television, from luxury cars to art.

Many know him for his contribution to Radio Kiss Kiss, others for his years working in the Publitalia '80 group, but more recently all his efforts have been focused on his only true love: the Real Estate Market.

The numerous successes accumulated in the Italian and international real estate field earned him the title of Mr Real Estate: Salvatore chose then to claim it with pride, since he is so proud of his activity, that over the years has become a real tool to bring his own idea of aesthetic but also moral and social beauty into the world.

He began to look with all his heart for the Ideal City, that philosophical and artistic concept with which he had the opportunity to fall in love more and more.

Not even the last two years of the pandemic have extinguished his desire to do business, and so Salvatore embarked on a new venture: moving his business to Dubai, becoming a local partner and investor, in order to bring other people on this adventure.

It is precisely to these people that the book is addressed: to all those who want to actively devote themselves to the world of real estate, and who want to do it big, collaborating with an experienced investor.

Proprio per loro, Salvatore racconta tutto ciò che sa su Dubai, quello che ha scoperto vivendo e lavorando nella città del futuro, sia dal punto di vista imprenditoriale che personale e umano.

Just for them, Salvatore tells everything he knows about Dubai, what he discovered living and working in the city of the future, both from an entrepreneurial, and personal and human point of view. The reader will find out all the details on how to invest in Dubai and explore Salvatore’s latest major project in this city: Stella Maris. come investire a Dubai ed esplorare l’ultimo grande progetto di Salvatore in questa città: Stella Maris.

In short, if you want to invest with Salvatore, buy one of his properties or make some real passive income, this is the book for you. But it is for you even if you are interested in discovering a new and constantly changing city, always ready to evolve and make those who live and visit it evolve.

"Mr Real Estate in Dubai" talks about Salvatore’s many successes, but also indirectly about Pentagency’s successes. PentAgency.

The creation and the launch of this book were winningand the agency has been present every step of the way, from the writing of the manuscript to the selection of a suitable cover to the actual launch.

Every single element of the book has been measured with great care, selecting the best team for the purpose, and dedicating to each single professional a valuable part of the process.

Right now, thanks to the positioning strategy that was prepared by the team, the book is rapidly climbing Amazon’s charts, becoming a Bestseller, despite having been published only a short while ago.

And it doesn't stop there.

The decision to publish this book and entrust this adventure to PentAgency is already bearing fruit, and they are very tangible fruits.

Salvatore has already had the opportunity to get in touch with many new customers and business partners, creating real and direct contacts. You can easily understand how this kind of strategy has brought considerable advantages for his business and how it can bring them even in the future.

A book,, after all, is a very important element for personal branding, and it can make a huge difference both in the positioning of your company and your personal reputation.

Through this simple tool, you can easily convey a clear and unique message to an audience of readers that will be automatically selected by the purchase of the volume itself.

You can tell your own story or that of your product and show your identity and that of the brand in a winning way, creating a lasting impact in the mind of the reader and leaving something real and lasting in the world that will always be linked to you.

Besides, there is nothing better for your personal branding than for your customers to see your book on Google when they look for your name, or to see your face on the cover of a great editorial success, or even better to count your name among Amazon’s bestseller authors.

Are you curious to know all the secrets of the real estate market in Dubai right now?

Buy now Salvatore’s book, and start earning thanks to his advice on real estate!

Link to the book

Do you want to follow Salvatore’s example too, and become the author of a bestseller?

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