Print on Demand: The Editorial Revolution We Needed

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Would you like to publish a book but are too afraid of the initial investment? Are you afraid of being overwhelmed by the number of unsold copies? Do you think you would spend too much on warehouse rent?

If your answer to at least one of these questions is “yes”, then this is the article for you!

All your fears can be solved thanks to a simple and effective solution, which gives you the freedom to choose how to manage your money and the certainty of getting the best value for it: Print on Demand.

On-demand printing is certainly one of the greatest revolutions in the printing world that have occurred since Gutenberg. Now, this strategy is being already used by both printers and small traditional publishing houses, but also many self-published authors have decided to rely on this method.

In the past, authors (and especially self-published ones) had to cope with significant initial costs, really numerous printed copies and considerable storage and shipping costs.

Print on Demand, or PoD, is the answer we have all been waiting for: thanks to this printing method, you can produce extremely small quantities of your book in a much shorter time based on your needs and preferences at a given moment.

Is your book selling a lot? It is time to increase the circulation of copies so that you can reach as many readers as possible. Have you decided to pause your sales to temporarily devote yourself to another marketing strategy? You can serenely block the press without the fear of wasting money and time.

But the advantages of Print on Demand do not end here. There are many more.

  1. Low initial investment

Printing on Demand frees you from the obligation to pay a large initial investment, since you can easily print a few copies at a time and only if you need them, with the certainty of selling them and not having to pay excessive storage costs for copies that may never be sold. This allows you to publish your book regardless of your budget, without any fears.

  1. No warehouse

The ability to print a limited number of copies as needed allows you to eliminate the costs of any stock since it will be virtually impossible to have unsold copies. A big saving in terms of space and money! At the same time, you will never have to worry about finding your warehouse empty again, without the possibility of providing the customer with the book that he would buy more than willingly just because the copies are finished without anyone noticing. Your book will always be available to be printed and shipped immediately.

  1. Great range

Thanks to the affordability of Print on Demand, regardless of your availability, you will have the opportunity to realize your dream and share your message with your readers. You will not have any limit of quantity and distribution and you will not have to give up on high quality. But above all, your book, and consequently you, will have no boundaries: you will be able to communicate with the whole world!

  1. Easily available

Print on Demand is an option available on many different platforms, first of all, Amazon, which we at Pentagency deal with. At the time of order, the book is directly printed and then shipped in the number of copies you have requested. Moreover, these platforms usually also provide a series of additional services compared to simple printing, such as shipping and payment of royalties. As a matter of fact, the process is very simple and almost automatic, so it is easily available and accessible to everyone, regardless of personal skills.

  1. Quick and easy

Whatever platform you choose to use for publishing your book on Demand, a key feature of this process is that printing and distribution are very fast. Once the book is finished, just one click will be enough to make the copies you need and send them all over the world in a very short time. And this at all times, no matter how long it has been since the first press.

  1. Update possibilities

Each reprint will of course have a limited amount of copies (in a number that you can decide according to your needs), which can be a convenient "test" to see how the readers like them, in particular concerning the first print. The first copies of your book were not liked because of a detail you had not considered? Just add the appropriate changes before the next print, and the problem will be solved. You will have the opportunity to improve and enhance the book even after publication, managing to create a product that is enriched more and more over time.

  1. Freedom of choice

The keyword of Print on Demand is "request", and it opens the doors to endless possibilities for the author. You can choose not only the number of copies to print (and when to print them) but also every other detail of the book, starting from its graphic design. Do you want to print in colour or do you prefer a classic black and white? Do you prefer a book of traditional size or are you fascinated by large books full of photographs that can become actual pieces of furniture? And again, will your book have a hardcover or will it be in pocket format? Whatever your answer to these questions may be, Print on Demand will have the right solution for you, and you will not have to give up anything!

In short, Print on Demand is really the perfect solution, mainly because it is fully customizable and can be tailored to you and your brand in every way possible.

Of course, this printing method will find its perfect application if it is accompanied by a winning editorial marketing strategy . That is where we from PentAgency come in. PentAgency.

Thanks to a team of experts in this field, the launch of your book will be the least of your worries.

Climbing the Amazon charts and becoming the author of a bestseller will be really simple.

What are you waiting for?

Print your book on Demand right now, book your free call with a member of our team and become the author of a Bestseller!

Click here!

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