How to Create and Develop your Personal Brand

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There is no second chance to make a good first impression.

How many times have you heard this famous phrase by Oscar Wilde? Definitely lots. And it is absolutely true: we form the idea of another person in our mind in just seven seconds.

So imagine how this impression becomes a fundamental element in our professional relationships.

In a few seconds, one of our prospective clients or collaborators may love or hate us simply because that is what their instincts told them.

That is where personal branding comes in.

Personal branding means first of all learning how to strategically manage your professional image, to control what others think of you, to make you recognizable and memorable in the mind of those who are involved with you.

In that sense, you are the product to sell. If your goal is to make a name for yourself within a certain field, working on your brand is definitely an essential step.


There are really many tips that could benefit those who want to position their brand in a winning way:

  1. Narrow it down. As you cannot please anyone, so you cannot even communicate to everyone: the best way to get your message through to the most suitable audience is to make it synthetic and well centered on the core of our vision. Clear communication will automatically help create a clear identity.

  2. Tell a story. If your brand does not tell a story, half your audience will probably not be able to stay interested in the message you send. This storytelling can cover different topics, can be realized in different ways and can also be transmitted through different media: the only constant is the interest it should arouse in your audience.

  3. Live your brand. As we already said, now you are the product: this means that the brand is part of you and accompanies you in your every gesture. This means that any action or communication must be consistent and in line with the brand’s identity.

  4. Create a positive impact. All the big brands at the moment are focusing on telling the "why" of a brand, more than the "what", and for a good reason: people want to feel part of something great, also and especially at an emotional level, something that goes beyond the simple gesture of purchase, something that leaves a lasting mark in time. This something is the emotion that is born in the customer, but also a sign that remains on a social, environmental, and global level.

All these tips can be easily summarized in a single basic strategy: your book.

Within the marketing world, there was a great revolution that led to the selection of "customer-centric" strategies, and the book is the tool par excellence that is placed literally in the hands of the customer, making him the protagonist and participant in the marketing experience.

Through the publication of your book, you can easily convey a clear and unique message to an audience of readers that will automatically be selected thanks to the purchase of the volume itself.

You can tell your story or that of your product and show your identity and that of your brand in a winning way.

You can create a lasting impact in the mind of the reader and leave something concrete and lasting in the world that will always be linked to you.

If your book talks about a product or service you offer to the user, the reader will find the solution to their problems. If you tell your story instead, how you have come to be the person you are today, the reader will find inspiration in your words and in the way you overcame challenges.

In both cases, they will remain indelibly marked by experience and will remember you and the message you have conveyed to them. This great achievement will in all respects also be an excellent starting point for a new collaboration.

And it does not end there!

There is nothing better for your personal branding than seeing your book on Google when the client looks for your name,or seeing your face on the cover of a big hit, or better yet to count your name among the list of Amazon Bestselling Authors.

These simple results can greatly influence the judgment that the customer will have of you even before knowing you directly.

This gives you access to a whole range of environments that would normally be closed to you, such as conferences, meetings and specialized sites, expanding even more your pool of potential collaborators or users of your Brand.

Even if only unconsciously, your reputation will be immediately enhanced by this strategy, and even at the start, you can show that you have already reached at least one great goal.

Do you not know where to start? Do you have many good ideas but do not know how to put them into practice? Do you need help from a professional team?

PentAgency is what you are looking for. By working together, we will help you to enhance your personal branding professionally and effectively, to publish your book and make it climb the Amazon rankings.

Just remember: to make your brand stand out, the main asset is you! Share yourself in a book and try to become the landmark you have always dreamed of being.

What are you waiting for?

Book your free call with a member of our team, tell us about yourself and become the author of a bestseller!

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