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You wrote a book and it became a bestseller: fantastic! Now what?

It is a very common mistake. Many authors believe that a book’s life ends when it has reached what is considered the peak of success: the achievement of the bestseller badge.

But that is not entirely true.

Sure, publishing a book and making it a bestseller is certainly the best way that one can undertake, and we have already discussed it extensively in other articles. However, believing that that is the only final goal could slow us down and prevent us from really exploiting all the potential that a book holds.

Did you know that a book’s effects on the mind and body of the reader can last even for years after you finish reading it?

A study by the University of Virginia has shown this: reading changes us, and in a truly lasting way, leaving a physical mark on us. Of course, this type of mechanism is stronger when the book has just been read and wanes over time.

So, should we not make the most of the first hours and weeks after reading the book to make the best of the sale? As a famous proverb says, once the book becomes a bestseller you should strike the iron while it is hot.

How can you do it?

By following these practical suggestions!

  1. 1. Translate your book.

We know it by now: we live in a globally interconnected world. This is largely possible thanks to translation.

By translating your book you will, first of all, be able to guarantee a chance of reaching a much larger pool of readers (and therefore potential customers). You can create contacts around the world by simply translating your book into other languages, especially if you choose to use the English language as well.

Secondly, having published a book translated into many languages tguarantees respectability within the publishing market not to be underestimated: it increases your so-called "writer reputation". Being a "translated author" means having certain importance, having a wider audience than that of your country of origin, and consequently can give you credibility both as a writer and as a professional.

Finally, not all readers are equal, especially if we are talking about people who belong to completely different cultures. Also depending on the type of book you are writing, its topic, and its genre, translating it into one language rather than another could really make a difference. A book that maybe can no longer bear fruit in Italy could instead achieve something in another country, simply because the target audience is different.

  1. Create a newsletter.

Creating a newsletter can also be a great way to continue using your book.

It is certainly a tool that can be useful from different points of view, first of all, to provide information. Here, however, what really interests us is its ability to maintain contacts and above all to create a real loyalty, one that is very close to affection.

This way, you can strengthen your brand, improve your reputation, increase your sales opportunities, attract new customers and keep those you already have, increase visits to your website or social media, and much more.

The ideal course would be to integrate the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter directly within the book itself, for example by leaving a link or a QR code to follow to enter your contact.

  1. Use Facebook Ads.

By now, a large part of marketing, sales, and contacts depend on social media, and many platforms have provided valuable tools to be able to take full advantage of them. Among these, Facebook Advertising must definitely be mentioned: the ads on this social can really help you to let your brand and your product be known.

Why are they so profitable?

First of all, advertisements can be programmed according to a specific budget, and this makes them usable by virtually anyone, without limits given by economic availability. Secondly, they allow you to choose your audience based on biographical data and contact information but mostly based on their social media behavior. This means that you can directly choose people who can fit your brand, selecting a key audience that is right for you.

On social media, it will be easier to capture attention, thanks to the simplicity with which you can use photos, videos, and media of any kind immediately and effectively, and you can quickly see your results thanks to specially created reports.

  1. 4. Use Amazon Ads.

Among the tools made available by the platforms to get more and more visibility, you should also consider Amazon Ads, i.e. the tools made available by Amazon to improve the positioning of your product on the site. The main ones are:

  • “Sponsored products”, which allows you to promote a title thanks to winning keywords;

  • “Sponsored brands”, which allows you to bring more customers to the landing page of your store;

  • “Sponsored display”, which makes it easier to reach relevant audiences.

By now, practically everyone uses Amazon, and we at PentAgency in particular. These Ads allow you to reach more than 300 million users in just a few clicks: a tool absolutely not to be underestimated.

  1. Create a Blog

Finally, to fully exploit the effect that your book can have in the long run too, the last piece of advice we want to give you is to open a blog.

A blog, after all, is nothing more than an extension of your book. You can use it to provide more information, insights, anecdotes, and much more. It is therefore a great way to provide the reader with extra content in a totally free and risk-free way. This choice has various positive effects.

The reader will surely appreciate the fact that you are offering him an extra something without him having to pay absolutely nothing, and unconsciously will perceive reading the blog as a gift made by the brand to the customer. In addition, his desire to know more, to get updates and information, will do nothing more than make him always return to you, to your blog, creating in this way loyalty to your brand, if not to a specific product. The customer will eventually become attached to you, to the way you communicate and provide content: it is in a sense the same mechanism on which the work of an influencer is based.

Finally, through the blog, you will have the opportunity to intercept all those potential customers who have not actually bought your book, or do not know you and have no idea of what product or service you offer. A blog moves on different dynamics than a single product in terms of positioning on the web (and of course, since they are two completely different elements), and precisely for that, it could attract even those customers who had not been captured by your initial marketing strategy.

In short, the tools to get the best out of your book even after reaching the title of bestselling author are so many.

Do you want to learn how to use them at their best?

Keep following us to get more information about the publishing world, book your free call with a member of our team and become a successful author!

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