Lead Generation e Brand Awareness in un’Unica Soluzione

Lead Generation
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If you have a business, you definitely want it to succeed: for that to happen, you need a good marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy is essential to be able to appreciate a product for its actual value: only then you can be successful. And one of the most important elements to implement is definitely Lead Generation.

Lead Generation covers all those marketing activities (but not only those) that have as their ultimate goal the generation of new interesting contacts, who can become potential customers or, why not, partners.
Through this process, the company has the chance to address directly many more selected customers through the contacts collected, which take the name of Leads.

A Lead is nothing more than a potential customer who is directly and personally interested in the product or service that your brand wants to offer.
It is therefore a person who has already made contact with you, for example by leaving his data, subscribing to a newsletter, or following one of the thousand strategies that you may have put in place.

Studying a marketing strategy that can focus in a careful and precise way on the generation of new Leads is definitely a winning move, which can be implemented both online and offline.

In the offline world, the generation of new contacts depends on analogical means, such as by word of mouth, TV or radio advertising, or participation in industry events.
All this is barely manageable because you cannot collect the data of interested customers and contact them in some way. You can only make sure that they take a particular action, like visiting a site or a physical shop.

This is all much easier online, where the audience we can reach is virtually endless and we have different tools to capture their contacts.

The different activities that are part of the Lead Generation are in fact very useful tools: you can use them to increase sales both in the short and in the medium/long term. For this reason, the ideal choice would be to create a well-structured path, that is consistent and involves a whole range of different tools so that Leads can become loyal customers.

And what is the best product to optimize this mechanism?

A book, of course.

By publishing a book, in addition to strengthening your brand, you can interest readers with your message and involve them emotionally, and then permanently capture new contacts with a well-studied call to action , both for the digital format e-Book and the paper.

How about a quick and easy QR code that links to your landing page, your website, or your social media?

You can make your book an integral part of a sales funnel, a tool to convert consumers into loyal customers.

This will help you to inform your readers about yourself, what you do and why you do it, and above all, you will be able to explain in how many ways you could be the right solution for them.

Of course, to do this you cannot make a book that is just an advertising brochure, just aimed at the sale and nothing more: the reader will never be emotionally involved, simply because you have not used the right levers.
The entire editorial product, from the manuscript to the launch, must be structured in such a way as to lead the reader to want to take a certain action once finished reading the book and to really want it.

This action can be anything that suits you, anything that matches the kind of service you offer. It could be a landing page to subscribe to a newsletter, or the link to book a call with you or your team, a QR code to join a group on social media, and so on.

A book is the ideal tool to achieve this, especially because it can be used both in the offline and online world, with the same results and the same efficiency. What other instrument can say the same?

Moreover, the choice to use a book can also be a powerful weapon to defeat the risk of paying high prices for advertising. Would you prefer to continue paying to show advertising to your potential customers, or offer a book at a relatively low cost, thus managing to present more simply what you actually intend to sell?

And of course, all this can only be even more true in the case of a bestseller book. Read our article about it to know all the wonderful benefits!

In short, the possibilities to create a Lead Generation that is functional and effective to enhance your brand are really so many.

With our team, you can study which is the best solution for you!

So, are you ready to make a lot of new contacts?

Keep following us to get more information about the publishing world, book your free call with a member of our team and become the author of a bestseller now!

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