Publishing House vs Self Publishing - Which One is the Best for You?

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But then, is it better to self-publish or to publish with a publishing house?

You too must have asked yourself this question several times. Or maybe you have heard it from an acquaintance, you read an article, you saw a video, the news said it, and so on.

And of course, lately, this question is one of the most difficult ones, and it concerns many people since self-publishing began to be a real possibility.

The answer?

As often happens, it is certainly not univocal.

Choosing which one is the best option depends mainly on you, and on what book you intend to publish. Not all books are equal, and as a result, different publications bring different benefits.

If you want to publish a literary book, maybe a novel, for example, or a collection of poems, or you have the intention to write an essay, dedicated to a niche of experts like you, then a traditional publishing house might be the right choice for you.

This way, you would have not only full support for everything that is part of a book even beyond the initial manuscript, but also the credibility of an institution,that can guarantee for the book quality and that of the author himself.

However, publishing houses are very slow in terms of publication times, often elitist in the choice of which authors to pay attention to, and perhaps even expensive.Furthermore, they rarely choose to adopt marketing strategies regarding published books, and even when they do they are even more rarely tailored to the author.

If what you want to create is an autobiography, instead, or a book dedicated to your product or your service (such as those dedicated to training courses or consulting), if you want to publish a business book, thenself-publication is definitely the way for you.

You would have the freedom to set every aspect of the book according to your needs in the best possible way, choosing everything according to your wishes.

However, you would have no authority behind you, no credibility as an author , and no "backing" from a marketing point of view. You would find yourself alone with your own strength, having to deal with a world, the editorial one, which can be very complex for uninitiated professionals.

But what if there was a third way? One that could combine the strengths of the two we just described and eliminate their weaknesses?

We at PentAgency are offering just that, and in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

PentAgency gives you the chance to take advantage of the typical Print on Demand dynamic that is part of self-publishing while still gaining the support of a team of experts who will follow you every step of the way. By working side by side, listening to you, and respecting your standards, we can help you publish in complete safety and tranquility (as a publishing house would do) while leaving you all the freedom to decide on your book and all the gains that will result from it.

This way, you can not only create a quality product, giving value to theidentity of your brand, but you can also follow the perfect marketing strategy for you and your audience, reach as many potential customers as possible and achieve a proper positioninguntil you climb the Amazon charts and create a real Bestseller.

In short, PentAgency can offer you the best of both worlds!

Even the most skeptical people, those who think that Amazon is the primary cause of all the problems in the publishing world, will have to change their minds.

What the last few years have clearly shown is that the online does not completely destroy the offline: it simply speeds up processes, since it is extremely intuitive and accessible to all.

That is to say that Amazon has not destroyed traditional publishing at all, but it has offered an alternative, which covers a completely different market share and can be devoted to completely different products.

With that, the user has the opportunity to choose from a plethora of different offers that are not in any way limited by any preconceived selection but that can instead be conditioned by the right marketing strategy.

It is precisely this fundamental element, marketing, that creates the real difference between a publication with PentAgency and any other.

With the right strategy and levers, you can really take advantage of everything that the internet, and Amazon, in particular, have to offer.

Just like that, with experts who can guide you through the discovery of the right strategy, you can get unlimited benefits :

  1. Optimal Positioning

Thanks to the study of the most advanced SEO techniques, you will find the most correct positioning for you on the platform. This means that you will come out more easily among the results of user searches. This can only strengthen the image of your brand and especially your personal brand, because it will give you the credibility to be a real authority within your field of reference.

  1. Quick Publication

You can say stop to the endless waiting of traditional publishing. The timing is greatly reduced precisely because there is a smaller number of steps to follow. All decisions are in your hands, so you decide how fast to proceed.

  1. Wide Publication

You will have the opportunity to publish all over the world in all the languages you want at the same time. Right now, publishing in more than one language, and especially in English, is a must for anyone who wants to have credibility and respectability at an international level.

  1. Lead Generation

Lead Generation covers all those marketing activities (but not only those) that have as their ultimate goal the generation of new interesting contacts, who can become potential customers or, why not, partners.

Through the publication of a book, you can interest readers with your message and involve them emotionally, and then permanently capture new contacts with a strong call to action.

Publishing with PentAgency allows you to make this process much easier since you have total freedom in choosing the call to action and also the media with which to convey it, especially if you decide to opt for a book in digital format, as it is in our case.

How about a quick and easy QR code that links to the landing page of your site? With PentAgency, all of this is just a click away.

  1. Full copyright 

With PentAgency you can have full copyright on your book. All copyrights will be entirely yours. This means that you will have full control over any changes or additions, but also that all royalties will be entirely yours, without necessarily having to share them with others.

In short, there are really many advantages, and that is why we at PentAgency like to think of publishing with us as“publishing 2.0”: a revised and correct version of classical publishing designed for the freedom of the author.

So, what are you waiting for to be part of this world?

Continue to follow us to get more information about the publishing world, book your free call with a member of our team and become the author of a bestseller!

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