Your CPL is too High? Here it is the Solution...

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It is clear: nowadays, customer loyalty is essential for any company.

Without customers who continue to buy your product or service, you have no way of offsetting all the expenses you have had, you have no goals to pursue and therefore your brand has no purpose. Still, in an increasingly competitive market, it becomes more difficult every day to actually succeed in winning customers who remain as such over time and do not immediately change their minds, relying on competitors.

Within the world of marketing, a series of tools have been created, which are dedicated to attracting new contacts interested in your brand.

The most useful ones, however, are precisely those that can ensure that these customers are durable, that they remain so over time, that they are loyal to the brand in the long term.

On the other hand, it is precisely these customers who bring the most profit. Just think that, according to data from Lee Resource Inc., attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one.

This though is part of a broader reflection regarding Lead Generation.

Lead Generation covers all those marketing activities (but not only those) that have as their ultimate goal the generation of new interesting contacts,who can become potential customers or, why not, partners. On a theoretical level, therefore, it is the set of strategies that allow you to attract new customers.

In particular, Lead Generation can be aimed at acquiring customers that remain such over time.


Well, the type of activities that are part of this category allows you to directly address much more selected customers, namely the Leads: precisely because they are more carefully selected customers,the chance that they remain so even in the long term is much higher.

This means that the Lead Generation turns out to be an integral part of that process that can guarantee you not only the acquisition of new contacts but also and above all a concrete chance to have greater loyalty in the future.

Read our article on Lead Generation to learn more!

However, Lead Generation activities,being them advertising or loyalty activities, are very often expensive.Why?

Well, if you are also trying to sell a product or to introduce your brand to as many people as possible, you probably had to deal with cost per lead and that has certainly not made you happy.

Cost per lead is nothing more than the amount you spend to get new qualified contacts, i.e. business contacts that are in line with the target you set. It is therefore a cost that comes from any advertising campaign that is carried out to generate leads or create conversion.

All this can be summarized in a simple formula: total cost for marketing / total new leads = cost per lead.

Now, even without taking into account large-scale marketing campaigns, which you maybe do not have to support directly, this type of cost also involves ads that are affordable for everyone, such as those of FacebookIn this case, it is a sum to be paid for each person who actually "enters" your advertising, i.e. clicks on the ad, or that leaves their email, or based on additional criteria that depend on the individual ad.

And that is where the problem comes in. Originally this cost was only a few cents, then it increased to a few euros, and now we are talking about tens of euros: a huge cost,if we consider that it must then be multiplied by a potentially infinite number of users. It is true that the cost also depends on the type of product you are advertising, but the constant increase affects everyone, just because everyone now relies on social media for their advertising.

Sure, this process is entirely natural: at an increase in demand, prices rise. However, it does not change the fact that, for those who have to invest, it is a cost for which there is no guarantee of success and therefore of return. It is clear that creating leads but still having an insufficient ROI (return on investment) makes the whole process rather useless.

Over the last few years, various strategies have been studied to overcome this problem, all of which are more or less valid. But which one do we at PentAgency recommend?

Once again, the book is the right answer.

Publishing a book about you, your brand or your product is definitely a winning marketing tool, especially if your purpose is an effective Lead Generation.

First of all, you get to show the brand and the person behind it,who created it and provides it with lifeblood, closeness to the reader.This empathy will in most cases turn into trust, and trust into loyalty.

Secondly, publishing a book allows you to easily regain the costs of advertising even even before you have actually sold your main product.

Let us try to explain this better with a practical example. Let us say that you are going to sell an online training course worth 200 euros. You can sponsor it and talk about it within the book itself, which will have a value of about 15 euros.

This way, the customer will not have to directly pay the full amount of the actual product to get a taste of what you can offer: he will be able to witness your skills first-hand at a convenient price and then decide whether to invest in your brand in complete safety.

This means that the publication of the book has already allowed you to regain the costs of advertising from the very start so that all following gains are actually real profits.

Finally, thanks to how the book itself can be built, you will have the opportunity to create a complete and effective Lead Generation tool. Just think of the different ways in which you can make a call to action within the pages themselves: for example, would it not be wonderful if with a simple click or a fast QR code your customers had the direct possibility to get in touch with you and your brand?

Your book can become an integral part of a sales funnelso that you can get long-lasting and loyal customers that really make a difference.

And so, are you ready to get many new contacts simply and inexpensively and to say goodbye to the many costs of traditional advertising?

Keep following us to get more information about the publishing world, book your free call with a member of our team and become the author of a bestseller now!

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